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Proven state-of-the-art solutions enable us to successfully meet evolving challenges. Our goal is to create sustainable value chains with the most customer-centric and intelligent supply chain solutions for our global customers. 

The NewCold team has extensive experience in development, operation, and distribution of advanced automated warehouse and cold chain logistics solutions for leading food companies across the globe.

Our solutions

NewCold is a pioneer in developing and operating frozen automated warehouses that offer significant footprint, labor, and energy reduction while increasing food safety. Globally recognized as a refrigerated logistics leader, our advanced automated case picking solution includes automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) that move and store products in ‘dark’ high-bay warehouses. Detailed order fulfilment activities are facilitated with equipment and operators directed by NewCold’s proprietary advanced software systems.

Our automated high-bay warehouse design requires significantly less energy and land than conventional designs. Fully sealed, they can operate for days at a time without active refrigeration. Electricity consumption is significantly lower than in manual warehouses of equivalent size and can be timed to coincide with peak renewable production.

The vertical scale of our warehouses and vertical integration of our business model minimizes the carbon footprint for ourselves and our customers by consolidating supply chains and creating a lower transport burden.


Through our world-first Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) system and proprietary Warehouse Management Software, we provide unparalleled transparency and traceability to customers. Product location is always tracked and seamlessly updated from the moment it enters our cold chain.

With NewCold, producers, manufacturers and consumers have total assurance of their products’ history. Due to the accuracy and integrity of our tracking systems, we are capable of high-precision, value-added logistics services, down to the level of adding and subtracting from individual pallets on-demand.

With an increased cold storage capacity, and fully closed cold chain, primary producers can be more certain of the value of their product, negotiate stable, long term supply contracts, and have near-guaranteed revenue.

With a global transportation network and country-specific solutions, we offer our food and retail customers agile and innovative transport solutions through use of proprietary and third-party logistics (3PL) transport, connecting systems, state –of-the-art transport and yard management software. NewCold transportation operates with high-volume trailers, reducing food miles and energy use. Ultimately, our customers are saving costs on labor, energy usage, transportation, and product loss by using our smart innovations.

What we offer

·        24/7 services

·        Fully closed cold chain

·        Door-to-door temperature integrity

·        Innovation in all operational components

·        Long-term partnerships

·        Market leading service levels

·        Continuous improvement programs

·        Large-scale operations

·        Direct savings in warehousing costs

Graham Dugdale Simplot NewColdGraham Dugdale

We were attracted to NewCold’s fully automated AS/RS high bay solution, world-class systems, energy efficiency, and productivity, which stand above conventional cold storage solutions.

Graham DugdalePresident Simplot Global Food

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