Creating Sustainable Value Chains


NewCold is one of the fastest growing advanced automated warehouse and cold chain logistics companies today.

We have proven, extensive experience, and are dedicated to developing world-class systems that are energy efficient and maximize productivity for food companies across the globe. NewCold is creating sustainable value chains by disrupting the conventional.

Our fully integrated end-to-end supply chain solutions include automated warehouses and transport, and seamlessly merge with our customers’ ERP systems.

As industry pioneers, we deliver significant footprint, labor, and energy reductions to help customers save on warehousing costs. We develop and use our own proprietary, state-of-the-art technology – including automated storage and retrieval systems – to increase food safety, provide unparalleled supply chain traceability, and prioritize sustainability.


Our global presence

NewCold has a global network with 15 locations operating on three continents and additional sites under construction. In total, NewCold offers over 1,187,000 pallet positions and serve our customers with a global team of over 2,000 employees.

Food and Supply Chain Industry events

There are a number of insightful industry events coming up around the world. Meet us and learn more about how we help global food companies to achieve sustainable growth, reduce food waste, increase food safety and integrity with our advanced food logistics solutions


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NewCold operates 15 cold storages across three continents. We offer exciting and fulfilling career opportunities around the world.