At NewCold, we believe that our technology has the power to totally reshape cold chain logistics.

Unlike so many others, our business doesn’t adopt new technology piece by piece ­– it was formed with the latest advances in automation and technology at its core. All our hardware and software innovations were developed to work in harmony with one another. Together, they form a cohesive, efficient, and transparent logistics solution that is integrated with our customers and operates seamlessly from end to end.


It’s a blueprint that has brought sustained growth to us and our customers. Our technological edge alone isn’t enough to explain the success of our model. We understand that technology is only as good as the people that use it, and we are proud to retain a level of automation expertise and experience without equal.

The combined power of our in-house knowledge and proprietary technology allows us to apply a philosophy of continuous improvement and deliver responsive customer service that is rarely found in the industry.


Since we designed and developed almost every part of our solution, we understand it inside and out. That ownership allows us to accommodate customer needs, apply lessons learned, and respond to disruptions in the market at a speed that others who rely on third parties can never match.


As we are the primary stakeholders in our own technology, we have a vested interest to never stop our search for improvements and ways we can do even better, and why we always view our partnerships as long-term, mutually beneficial collaborations.

Hardware and infrastructure

Each of our high-bay warehouses are developed to our own specifications, from the foundations up, by our team of engineers and specialists.


From stacker cranes to electric monorails, our warehouses are almost completely autonomous, filled with our unique array of hardware systems.


That level of sophisticated automation permits a level of verticality that cannot exist in manual warehouses, and results in greater energy efficiency and sustainability.

Our automation begins even before any pallets reach our facilities. Conveyor systems are used to automatically sort and stack pallets at the customer’s processing plant into the optimal arrangement for unloading. Our systems recognize what each pallet is and where it should go, while automatically tracking it at all times.


We utilize this fine level of control with live-roller buffer systems to prepare full truckloads of pallets at loading docks, reducing the turnaround time of trucks onsite — often able to load trucks in less than an hour. This is only possible due to the uniform temperature across our warehouses, another benefit of fully automated warehouses.


Equal in importance to our hardware systems is the software suite we use to operate them. We developed each of the three software platforms we use within our warehouses internally: the warehouse management system (WMS), the warehouse control system (WCS), and the programmable logic controller (PLC).


Since their inception, each is continuously updated and refined to improve efficiency and better meet customer needs. Our IT experts have over ten years of experience integrating them with customer enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems- tweaking processes to meet the most exacting requirements.

Our software allows us to offer our customers nearly total transparency and traceability of their product throughout its journey along our cold chain. It also gives us total flexibility to apply the inventory logic our customers want while offer on-demand, value-added logistics services such as case picking and repacking.


Additionally, our sister company, Haven Enterprises, houses a group of experienced software and technology companies that offer the latest innovations in supply chain operations, including those tried and tested by us. Of course, NewCold and our customers are the first to benefit from all new insights and developments.


Moving towards the future, NewCold drives technology innovation that continues to transform cold storage as we know it. Everywhere we look, we see the promise of technology. It boosts productivity, reduces risk, and costs, and delivers scale, speed, and efficiencies, optimizing cold storage operations.


Automation and robotization ensure less dependency on the uncertainties of the labor market, increasing personnel shortages and rising labor costs. Finding a skilled workforce has long been a challenge in the cold chain supply industry, which has been affected even more by the global pandemic.


NewCold leverages automation at all our warehouses to combat the challenges of personnel shortages, and rising costs, as well as mitigating the risk of human error. These cost savings enable NewCold to invest in hiring highly skilled professionals and fostering innovation.


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