Recognized as the fastest growing specialist in automated cold storage

Since our origins in 2012, NewCold has grown into one of world's largest, advanced automated warehouse and cold chain logistics companies.

Our company has a rapidly expanding global presence with our Innovation & Support Center located within the head office in Breda, the Netherlands.


A pioneer in developing and operating frozen automated warehouses, we offer significant footprint, labor, and energy reduction with increased food safety.


NewCold’s global network of 15 locations spans across three continents, offering over 1,187,000 pallet positions. Our transport fleet consists of over 200 trucks and 300 trailers. Our company is supported by a global team of over 2,000 employees.

How we began

Bram Hage started his career in the cold storage industry in 1999 when he founded Partner Logistics Europe (PLE). He built the first highly automated cold store in the Netherlands for PLE customer Lamb Weston Meijer.


PLE established itself as a leading cold store company in Europe with 12 operational sites across the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom. In 2012, PLE was reorganized and renamed NewCold. Four original team members, Bram Hage, Simon Taylor, Patrick de Breet and Piet Meijs, were joined by long-time business friend David Richardson to launch this exciting new business.

With the commitment and support of US based Westport Capital Partners, including Sean Armstrong, Jordan Socaransky, Peter Aronson and Justin Reindel, a private real estate investment firm, NewCold enjoyed a strong start with new developments in Germany and France.


Former customers signed up with NewCold for new projects including Froneri, then called R&R ice cream, McCain, and Unilever. NewCold have a big vision and even bigger ambitions, and with a strong leadership team and dedicated employees, has taken the company to the United States and Australia. We continue to grow as we service our impressive portfolio of valued global customers.

Westport Capital Partners, part of our team

The Principals at Westport Capital Partners were first introduced to Bram Hage and David Richardson in 2011, both presenting an intriguing opportunity to invest in the cold storage sector.


The investment team were impressed by Bram’s energy, passion, entrepreneurial spirit, and engaging personality. Seeing in him an inspiring champion of automation with a clear focus on customer service.


Westport believes the magic of a long-term partnership is not only finding in a partner with exceptional expertise. They will also need to be trustworthy, personable, patient, and honest with a good dose of integrity, energy, and sense of humor.


Westport continues to play a critical role in supporting NewCold’s growth, working closely on a wide range of activities ranging from raising new capital to supporting new developments.

About us

Is there anything more disruptive than turning sea into land? Our Dutch heritage comes shining through in so many ways — we innovate and trade on a global level.  Above all, we act as a community, which shows in our commitment to being a people-first company in every market we enter. Our coworkers, stakeholders, customers, and their customers – are all part of our global community. We invest in superior service and great relationships, knowing it pays off in the long run and believe breaking new ground is best done together. In our community, we trust each other to do the right thing. Everyone can speak up, empowered to make decisions and deal with situations on-the-spot, which makes us easy to work with. We act proactively when we foresee challenges, and we are relentless in solving them.


Our goal is to create the most customer-centric, intelligent, and sustainable supply chain in every market we enter. Most of all, we keep our promise to get the job done so you can service your customers as well as we do.


How do we use automation to build the future of the food supply chain?

We learn, innovate, disrupt.


We hire people with a growth mindset and a commitment to taking on responsibility. Those traits are more important to us than what’s on the résumé. That’s also why we prefer to promote from within.


At NewCold, we design and engineer our own innovations, offering fully integrated end-to-end supply chain solutions that include automated warehouses and transport, seamlessly merging with our customers’ systems. As industry pioneers, we deliver significant footprint, labor, and energy reductions that help our customers save on warehousing costs. We develop and use our own proprietary, state-of-the-art technology – including automated storage and retrieval systems – to increase food safety, provide unparalleled supply chain traceability, and prioritize sustainability.

Haven Ventures

Our sister company, Haven Ventures, houses a group of experienced software and technology companies that offer the latest innovations in supply chain operations, including those tried and tested by us, that truly scale along with the customers’ size, growing demands, and opportunities.


We are first to benefit from these new insights. We cut costs, loading times, and carbon footprints — ours, and that of our customers’. We are in this industry together — a chain of innovation, without waste, where every link grows stronger.

What sets us apart

No other company in this industry has as much focus on automation as we do. We are proven specialists in developing high-tech solutions, including best-in-class cold chain logistics software. This highly specialized expertise has led us to develop some of the largest and most highly automated facilities in the world.


Our services run 24/7, providing fully closed cold chain and door-to-door temperature integrity around the clock. We pride ourselves on delivering innovation at every stage of the supply chain – from design through to development and finally, operation, providing leading service levels and continuous improvement programs that keep our customers continually progressing.

Purpose, Mission & Vision


Contribute to a future in which no resources are wasted.


A trusted storage and supply chain industry, where sustainability is a given, customer service is always the focal point, and food safety and integrity are guaranteed.


To create the world’s most customer-centric, advanced, and fully integrated automation and supply chain company.


We put the customer first. We are relentless about customer service and offer complete sets of integrated solutions, understanding that needs and situations can change. We are always willing to adapt, helping our customers improve their operations by making them more cost efficient and sustainable through the application of our smart innovations.
Our international leadership team drives the company, guides our strategy, and empowers our people.
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Supporting our communities

NewCold supports different philanthropic activities, helping those who are in need. NewCold is also proud to be the main sponsor of the Dutch Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation, helping secure further development of the up-and-coming athletes in these niche sports.

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