Advanced Logistics

New technologies are bringing sweeping change to logistics and NewCold is pioneering many of them.

Our advanced refrigerated logistics processes are unmatched in the industry – offering cold supply chains that are sustainable, traceable, and fully integrated with our customers.


End-to-end, from factory to final destination, our cold chain is completely closed. We fully own and control every step of the process. Nothing is ever stored chilled or at ambient temperatures, meaning food quality and safety is never compromised.

Automated Warehousing
Every day, the NewCold team reimagines automated cold storage solutions for our customers. Fully automated warehouses enable our customers to operate far more efficiently and on a grander scale compared to traditional ones.
NewCold operates a transport fleet, manages transport partners, and integrates transport-related IT systems to turn logistics into a sustainable, competitive advantage for our customers.

Advanced Logistics

Our automated warehouses and transportation networks are fully integrated, with minimal human intervention, allowing us to create extremely efficient and stable long-term supply chains for our customers.


Our logistics capabilities and processes are what the rest of the industry is scrambling to catch up to. We pioneered the design, development, and operation of cold automated warehouses from the very beginning – and we continue to lead the industry


We offer significant carbon footprint, labor, and energy reductions, while still offering enhanced food safety and supply chain consolidation at a superior level of service. Virtually all of our customers choose to stay with us, even expanding into new markets alongside us, because we consistently deliver and go the extra mile to serve to their needs and provide support.


Our automated high-bay warehouse design requires significantly less energy and land than conventional designs. Fully sealed, they can operate for days at a time without active refrigeration. Electricity consumption is significantly lower than manual warehouses and can be timed to coincide with peak renewable production.


The vertical scale of our warehouses and vertical integration of our business model minimizes the carbon footprint for ourselves and our customers by consolidating supply chains and creating a lower transport burden.


Our world-first Order Release Module (ORM) system and proprietary warehouse management software, provides unparalleled transparency and traceability to customers. Product location is tracked and seamlessly updated from the moment it enters our cold chain. With NewCold, producers, manufacturers and consumers have total assurance of their products’ history. Due to the accuracy and integrity of our tracking systems, we are capable of high-precision, value-added logistics services, down to the level of adding and subtracting from individual pallets on-demand.

Fully Integrated

Unlike our competitors, we built our software systems from the ground up. All our solutions and expertise are in-house, with over a decade of experience integrating with customer inventory software. We pride ourselves on applying a philosophy of continuous improvement alongside responsive 24/7 customer service.


Our proprietary software manages our state-of-the-art automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) that move and store products in our warehouses. It meets customer needs in the most efficient way possible with full transparency, even for the most detailed order fulfilment specifications.

Join our Growing Team

To date, NewCold has built and operates 15 cold storages across three continents, offering exciting and fulfilling career opportunities around the world.

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