Tailor-Made Transport Solutions

NewCold offers a unique, integrated cold chain logistics solution that links our transport and automated warehouse services and integrates the diverse network of supply chain IT systems. By assessing customer demands and the current state of the market, we’re able to provide tailored solutions that meet specific transport needs to enable full network optimization.


From operating a fleet of our own 200+ trucks and 300+ trailers in Europe alone, and the extension plans for the USA and Australia, to a third-party logistics (3PL) -managed transport solution with dedicated partners, every solution is organized in line with customer and market requirements.

In line with all our services, NewCold transport focuses on innovation and sustainability. We offer country-specific, region-specific and or cross-border logistics transport solutions for retail and food providers. We are customer-centric and service our customers by offering our existing transport network in countries we operate in.


Over the years, NewCold’s broad knowledge base has been built to operate a transport fleet, manage transport partners, and integrate transport-related IT systems as a way to turn logistics into a sustainable, competitive advantage for our customers.




We give our customers unparalleled flexibility around transport. We can either manage their supply chain from end to end or connect them with our network of transport partners. This offers them the opportunity to collaborate with us long-term, without having to compromise delivery execution. We work hard to deliver the cohesive cold chain logistics solutions that are best for our customers.


When it comes to cold chain logistics, customers don’t want to have to shop around for their transport solution. Nor do they want to deal with challenges like limited driver availability and delivery date uncertainty, both of which can impact their profits. NewCold builds lasting partnerships that deliver transport predictability and security.


We provide an integrated service across transport and warehousing, quickly identifying any potential problems within the supply chain. The reciprocal relationship between these two parts of the supply chain brings unrivalled transparency and visibility. Our customers have full visibility of the supply chain via the customer-service portal (CSP), allowing issues to be dealt with quickly and proactively while minimizing disruption to the customer and end consumers.


Many of our customers are looking ahead at tight sustainability targets. And as they seek to lower their footprint, transport stands out as an area with huge scope for improvement. Our solutions can help in numerous ways. Our fuel-efficient, high-volume trucks reduce emissions by increasing drop size and decreasing empty miles. We’re able to achieve this through double-deck trailers and more efficient stacking. Regardless of the ambitions of our customers, we can help. We have worked with existing partners to create entire truck fleets that operate on alternative fuel sources, such as biogas, hydrogen, and electricity. We have also commissioned several 100% electric New Cool refrigerated trailers and are increasing the number of our double-deck trailers that will allow us to move more pallets per movement, at the same time, reducing our environmental impact.

Automated loading and unloading

Automated trailer loading and unloading is present at most of the NewCold sites.


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