Bold ambition, the pursuit of excellence and the courage to challenge the status quo are the hallmarks of NewCold. We are a young company defined by people with bright heads, capable hands, and big hearts.

NewCold offers exciting and fulfilling career opportunities around the world.

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Company Culture


NewCold puts the customer first, focusing on the ever-changing requirements of our external and internal customers. In other words, it is our company-wide philosophy that the customer’s desires and needs are the first priority of all employees, individually and as a team. We are relentless about customer service and offer complete sets of integrated solutions. We also understand that needs and situations are fluid, so we are always willing and ready to adapt. This way, we get to help our customers to improve their operations. One of our favorite ways is by making their operations more cost efficient and sustainable at the same time, through application of our smart innovations.


We are always improving. It is our growth mindset that has brought us this far, making us raise the bar for industry standards for automation every day. This mindset drives us to create our own technology, even creating partner IT companies outside of our own industry, to benefit from the incredible advances in AI and data analysis. We bring new thinking and new paradigms into our markets and disrupt every one of them for the better. We foster creativity that challenges constraints and drives progress.


We believe in our people and partners, trust our people to make the right calls and we empower them to act and be decisive. We commit to them and their growth, and we commit to our partners with long-term investments. We believe we are all in it with the right intentions and are not afraid to show ours. We drive for results, with the enthusiasm and desire to meet and exceed objectives and targets while improving our performance or that of the team. We are unsatisfied with the status quo, wanting to improve the way we do things and make it happen. We take ownership at work by taking the initiative and doing the right things for the business. We take responsibility for results and feel accountable for the delivery while being open and transparent in our communications.

NewCold Academy

We want to empower our employees to realize their potential, chase their dreams and be the architects of a meaningful career.


That is why we set up the NewCold Academy. NewCold is a learning organization, with a deep data and technology-driven mindset.


We take continuous learning very seriously. A key drive for us is building high-performance teams across the business.

Advanced learning experience

We learn

As a learning organization, we create an environment that encourages continuous learning and improvement.

We grow

Foundational capabilities are developed by providing every opportunity for our people to develop personally and professionally.

We lead

Whether leading yourself or others, we provide support programs that help develop your leadership competencies.

Working at NewCold

At NewCold we share a passion for achieving the absolute best in everything we do.

‘’No two days are the same. There is always something exciting and engaging to focus on. We have a talented team, and we are all invested in the same goal, to be better every day than we were the day before. NewCold, is a growing business, and a business that promotes from within, offering an exciting future.’’

Raelene Taylor
Site Manager, NewCold Melbourne 2

‘’The most important part which I enjoy about my job is that I get to keep on top of new technology, understand how it works and advise on how it can have an influential impact on our sustainability goals and shape our future.’’

Kumar Yash
Electrical Engineer Power Engineering

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