Code of Conduct

NewCold Code of Conduct

NewCold’s mission is to create the world’s most customer-centric, advanced and fully integrated automation and supply chain company. As an advanced food logistics leader, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional behavior.


Our Code of Conduct is the expression of values shared throughout NewCold. To serve our customers, we aim to attract and retain employees who are passionate about delivering their work with leadership, fairness, and honesty.


The Code of Conduct states how we interact with the world and with each other. It defines the values that guide our relationships with our employees, our customers, our suppliers, and with the authorities of the countries in which we operate. It allows us to serve the interests of our customers, provide opportunities for our employees, and create sustainable, financial returns for our shareholders.


The Code of Conduct requires us to be aware of our influence beyond our own business boundaries and to seek out business partners with values consistent with our own. In this way, long-term relationships can prosper, and those involved feel that they are working with people whom they can trust and like doing business with.


Read the full Code of Conduct (English version) here


Read the full Code of Conduct (Italian version) here