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Cold Storage

Every day at NewCold, we reimagine automated cold storage solutions for our customers.

This empowers us to successfully manage supply chain challenges including food safety, quality control, price pressures, increased costs of transportation, labor and energy, smaller and more frequent orders, e-commerce, and more. It also helps us provide solutions to issues related to consolidations, relocations and increasing demands for sustainability.

The way forward

Looking forward, we know that automated cold storage is the only way to successfully manage the challenges of a modern supply chain moving towards sophisticated automation delivers many significant benefits. It eliminates the source of product damage, delivers a more reliable and predictable operation, and guarantees a sustainable cost over time.

Cold Chain

Supply chains are anything but static. Constantly evolving, relocating, and consolidating; they bend and shift to market demands and cost pressures.

Temperature controlled supply chains are especially vulnerable. Delays and disruptions at any point along the chain lead to compromised product quality and safety along with heavier carbon costs.

At NewCold, we understand cold chains from top to bottom. We know because we directly operate and manage every aspect of our own closed chain. At the heart of that chain are our frozen automated warehouses.

Automated Warehouses

We design, engineer, and operate highly automated cold storage facilities (warehouses) that feature:

  • Automated truck loading and unloading
  • An innovative warehouse management system (WMS)
  • Material flow control system (MFCS)
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC) integrated software solutions
  • Best-in-class material handling equipment
  • Oxygen reduction for fire prevention
  • Multi-vendor consolidation
  • Vendor-managed inventory
  • And a comprehensive customer service portal

Automated warehousing allows us to operate more efficiently and on a greater scale than traditional warehousing. It minimizes human intervention, which in turn minimizes human error. It also eliminates the growing issue of labor availability.

We don’t believe in automation for automation’s sake. We are convinced that it holds the answers to many of the most pressing sector challenges, representing the key sustainable logistics solution for the future.

Over the last decade, our growth and proven service levels have backed up that belief. The trust our customers have placed in us has consistently led to more reliable and predictable operations and sustained revenues. Our advanced, automated warehouses are the backbone of our operation.

From electric monorails to automatic pallet retrieval, the hardware within our warehouses is bespoke and cutting edge. Our automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) are capable of automatically fulfilling the most complex order tasks in the most efficient and intelligent manner. They simultaneously enable real-time monitoring and insight into what is always going on – allowing our operators to remotely intervene at any point.


Beyond our hardware and infrastructure, we created and own all three software layers used within our warehouses and don’t rely on any third parties to troubleshoot issues or implement improvements. Our proprietary software comprehensively tracks and traces inventories, provides automatic updates and transparency, while significantly reducing product loss and outdating.

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