Energy efficiency: trimming costs in cold storage

pressFebruary 8, 2023

Energy efficiency: trimming costs in cold storage

BREDA, the Netherlands – Around the world, cold storage facilities face challenges of rising operating costs, rigorous product and safety standards, and evolving environmental regulations. At NewCold, we continuously look for ways to control costs. Because cold storage requires a significant energy input, energy efficiency offers an expanding opportunity to trim operating costs.

Fully integrated automation is the key. Stacker cranes in the cold stores run in darkness with only LED lighting for maintenance purposes. Material handling systems that move the pallets only run when necessary, ensuring minimal door openings for pallets entering and leaving the cold store. NewCold optimizes its power consumption continuously by collecting data about power consumption, indoor and outdoor temperatures, and other factors – such as open doors – utilizing IoT equipment.

The result is a responsible use of energy which is 50% less per pallet position compared with traditional cold storage facilities — creating chains of value.

Learn more about our energy efficiency technologies here.