NewCold purchases offices in Breda for establishing an energy-neutral, innovative campus.

pressJune 15, 2021

NewCold will have its new head office in Breda, at the crossing of Oosterhoutseweg and Nieuwe Kadijk. The existing building will be transformed into an innovative, sustainable campus for its international team.

NewCold, now located in the offices above Breda Central Station, has the ambition to make its new head office energy neutral and even would like to provide its neighbors with energy. About 300 workplaces will be created in the building for NewCold and its subsidiaries, which differ in, among other things, software development, automation and robotization.

Bram Hage, CEO and founder, met Alderman Boaz Adank on April 15, together with the previous owner of the building, Alexander Oet of Bond Concepts. The Municipality of Breda is very pleased with the definitive arrival of NewCold in Breda. Also because NewCold’s office will give a positive impulse to the area around it.

“A company like NewCold fits perfectly within Breda’s vision to become the international hotspot for Applied Technology and Creativity in the Netherlands. The fact that NewCold is very active beyond the national borders pleases us and we are honored that NewCold is settling in our city. The establishment of the company gives the area an enormous boost to quality and creates new employment opportunities for the city and the region. We are proud to welcome Newcold in Breda,”

Boaz Adank

NewCold considers Breda an attractive location. Traditionally, many employees come from Zeeland and South West Brabant, so Breda is the obvious choice. The global network of warehouses is controlled from Breda; you can find their coldstores from Europe to the US and Australia.

The company expects to be able to move into the property in late summer 2023 after the implementation of the housing project, which is being carried out byFirst Crown Beheeron behalf of NewCold Real Estate.

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