Investing in new cold storage facilities in Australia

pressDecember 13, 2022

NewCold fast-tracks Australian expansion and invests AU$240 million for new cold storage warehouse in Sydney's west.

MELBOURNE, Australia, December 13, 2022 – Refrigerated logistics leader, NewCold, is pleased to announce it will invest AU$240 million to build its first warehouse in Sydney’s west, taking its total investment since launching six years ago in Victoria to more than $700 million.

Development will be managed in two stages. Once operational, the Stage One frozen pallet warehouse will hold over 80,000 pallets in Western Sydney’s rapidly expanding Business Park.

Construction at the NSW Government’s Marsden Park industrial precinct is expected to commence in early 2023. It is estimated to create 200 construction jobs and over 70 fulltime professional roles in logistics, warehouse management and cold storage technologies.

This significant new investment by NewCold will help to solve several industry issues. Australian food manufacturers continue to be challenged by a current shortage of cold storage availability. By increasing the availability and affordability of cold storage, manufacturers are given the opportunity to increase production, rapidly adapt to market conditions, and be insulated from falls in sales in the event of unforeseen events. By increasing local storage capacity, the potential to increase chilled and frozen imports from neighbours – such as New Zealand – is increased. This provides greater work for the ports and shipping industry.

The digital technology that distinguishes NewCold increases supply chain traceability. Through implementation of the world-first ORM system and proprietary WMS platform, NewCold can provide unparalleled traceability across all products. This offers producers, manufacturers and consumers peace-of-mind and assurance of their products’ history. With an increased cold storage capacity, primary producers can be more certain of the value of their product, negotiate stable long term supply contracts, and have near guaranteed revenue.

Digital technology continues to revolutionise the logistics industry, delivering increased efficiency, trust, business intelligence, and sustainability outcomes. NewCold’s highly automated high-bay warehouse design require 50% less energy than conventional designs. NewCold’s warehouses are designed to be fully sealed and can operate for multiple days at a time without active refrigeration. Electricity consumption can therefore be timed to coincide with peak renewable production

NewCold actively engages with the local network providers, timing energy usage to ensure minimal impact on the local grid.

Jason Welsh, VP Commercial Australia & New Zealand NewCold said: “Investing in new cold storage facilities in Australia is great for the industry, customers, and consumers. It is an important market for NewCold with huge growth opportunities.”

Abhy Maharaj, Executive VP Business and Growth, NewCold said: “Our continued investment in Australia confirms our confidence in the industry and commitment to the region, helping us to create further value for our customers. We continue to expand the relationship with current local customers and welcome additional customers to NewCold.”

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