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PressJanuary 30, 2024

Breda, the Netherlands, 30 January 2024 – Today we release our Sustainability Statement. It covers NewCold’s commitment to sound environmental, social, and governance stewardship.


“Sustainability is baked into our business model,” says CEO and Founder Bram Hage. “We have never viewed sustainability and commercial imperatives as binary choices. Rather, they are complimentary. Fuelling the innovation that drives progress.”


A key part of this commitment to sustainability is our 2040 net zero target.


We aim to create sustainable value chains. To do that we embrace innovation across all areas of operation. As a result, we cut costs, loading times, and emissions in our customers’ supply chains.


And we align ourselves with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


NewCold is committed to building a trusted food supply chain industry, where sustainability is a given, customer service is always the focal point, and food safety and integrity are guaranteed.


This is how we do it


Our tall and highly automated warehouses optimize the use of land, energy, and other resources.


NewCold’s proprietary technology, automation, robotics, and smart design mean our warehouses are about 50% more energy efficient than traditional warehouses. They also boast higher capacity from a smaller footprint. Our smart algorithms power robotics to move pallets as efficiently as possible, minimizing temperature fluctuations and reducing energy consumption.


A roadmap to reaching net zero by 2040


The above glimpse at our innovations is evidence of our ingenuity and our firm commitment to reaching operational carbon neutrality (in terms of Scope 1 and 2 as defined by the EPA) by 2035. We aim to reach net zero in terms of Scope 3 by 2040.


To get there, we have devised a roadmap that leverages own-power generation using renewables, zero emissions transport, and other carbon reduction methods. We will be guided by data. As such, we are actively measuring emissions and aim to complete data tracking by 2025.


NewCold is investing in sustainable energy to run our facilities.


We have considerable intellectual property in this field, ranging from solar to combined heat and power generation using advanced battery technology. We aim to make our facilities increasingly grid-independent.


Alongside dedicated internal resources, we collaborate with consultants on due diligence for renewable energy generation.


We believe that own power generation using renewables is not only the right thing to do for this planet but also the right thing to do commercially.


Innovation for a sustainable future


We are investigating all renewable energy sources, including green hydrogen. In Australia, we are converting prime movers/trucks from diesel to electric. In Tacoma, in the United States, we have converted to an electric yard truck, and we are piloting zero-emission fuel sources in several countries. We are seeking to collaborate with regional suppliers of renewable energy.


Throughout our company, we are actively working to abate carbon emissions.


Alongside these programs, we continue to prioritize food safety, diversity and inclusion, ethical sourcing, and the development of our technology and our teams.


Read the full Sustainability Statement below. 

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Sustainability Statement

NewCold does not view sustainability and commercial imperatives as binary choices. Sustainability fuels the innovation that helps us better serve our customers, people, and planet. We are investing in sustainable energy to run our facilities.


We believe that own power generation using renewables is the right thing to do for this planet and the right thing to do commercially.


Learn about our journey by clicking on the Sustainability Statement ebook on the right.

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