Team NewCold prepares for new season

Team NewCold prepares for new season

Papendal, The Netherlands – On the eve of the new winter season, the Dutch Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (BSBN) unveiled Team NewCold at the Papendal national sports center. Twenty-three athletes are selected to compete in the luge (1), skeleton (9), and bobsleigh (13). The upcoming season is crucial preparation for the Olympics in Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo in 2026.


National coaches Joska Le Conté (skeleton) and Ivo de Bruin (bobsleigh) have been preparing for the 2023/24 winter season. Joska Le Conté’s main focus is on the nine athletes selected to compete in the skeleton, among them is Olympic medallist Kimberley Bos. Last season Bos finished second at the World Cup in St Moritz, Switzerland. She won a bronze medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics and won the World Cup in 2021/22.


On the upcoming season, Joska said: “I think we can look ahead to a great season with a lot of fun races on the program, with many tracks where Kimberley can do well. The field of competitors in the World Cup has grown considerably so that will take some getting used to.”


Her colleague in bobsleigh, Ivo de Bruin, added: “We are able to look beyond the upcoming season because of the long-term cooperation with sponsor NewCold. That’s why we can prepare talents. We now have three athletes – Dave Wesselink, Loren Djolo, and Robin Post – who we are training to become pilots. Next season is mainly focused on that training, but we’re also going to give them race experience here and there.”


Andrea van Heugten Hatlova, who will assist in coaching luger Mees van Buren, said: “He has a chance to be the first luger to represent BSBN to at the Youth Olympic Games. He can largely join the youth program of the International Luge Federation, but where possible, I will also guide and support him.”


Wim Noorman, chairman of the BSBN, is proud of Team NewCold: “We were able to present a sizeable team last season, partly because of the excellent cooperation with NewCold. We are now building on that, and it feels great that NewCold has committed to us up to and including the 2026 Games. I am very confident about the new season and eagerly looking forward to the World Championships at Kimberley’s favorite track in Winterberg.”


Alongside coaching the skeleton athletes led by Bos, Joska Le Conté is also the technical director of Team NewCold. “In bobsleigh, skeleton, and luge, the athletes have made great strides physically since last year. It’s great to see how they are also making each other better. They are still early in their careers, so the focus is still on gaining experience, but we also have the ambition to have more teams competing in the World Cup next season. For the youth in skeleton and luge, all eyes are on the Youth Olympic Games, but it is nice to see that they are already looking beyond that event as well.”


Bram Hage, CEO of NewCold, said: “We are proud to support the team as they strive for global success, displaying passion and a commitment to continuously improve, innovate, and grow.”



Kimberley Bos – skeleton world cup – Ede

Sander de Haan – skeleton youth – Sneek

Eline Boonstra – bobsleigh brakeman – Burgum

Bor van den Berg – skeleton – Schoonhoven

Gidon Bante – skeleton – Hengelo

Felix de Wit – skeleton youth – Dronten

Guido Persoon – skeleton – Monster

Annelies van Dijk – skeleton – Veenendaal

Jelen Fanjic – bobsleigh brakeman – Breda

Joeri van Kuppeveld – skeleton – Nijmegen

Janko Franjic – bobsleigh brakeman – Breda

Loren Djolo – bobsleigh pilot – Herkenbosch

Joris Pals – bobsleigh brakeman – Divendrecht

Stephan huis in ‘t Veld – bobsleigh brakeman – Bergen op Zoom

Jaybre Wau – bobsleigh brakeman – Maastricht

Florijn de Haas – skeleton youth – Amstelveen

Sibren Vuurberg – bobsleigh brakeman – Enschede

Leon ten Klooster – bobsleigh brakeman – Zwolle

Mees van Buren – luge youth – Everdingen

Jo-Ann Piqué – bobsleigh brakeman – Amsterdam

Janna Doumpas – bobsleigh brakeman – Someren

Marjolein Bolten – bobsleigh brakeman – Enschede


Kristan Bromley – skeleton world cup – England

Joska Le Conté – skeleton World Cup/youth – Soesterberg

Ivo de Bruin – bobsleigh European Cup – Uithoorn

Mike Rogals – skeleton European Cup – USA

Maarten Heisen (physio) – skeleton world cup – Ede

Jeroen Boeijen (physio) – skeleton world cup – Nijmegen

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