The keys to reimagining your supply chain with automation

A Reuters interview with NewCold's Jonas Swarttouw, Executive Vice President Commercial and Chairman North America


Harness system integration to avoid failed implementations


To optimize a return on automation, an operational solution design is instrumental. To ensure superior operational efficacy and efficiency, using robotics, system integration is key. It’s the secret sauce. Your systems must harmonize to carry out the exact functions you require. And they must empower your people to hit targets. To do that, leaders must take a comprehensive view of their operations.



Build a cohesive approach that avoids islands of automation


After two decades of providing tailored solutions to our customers, we know that picking partners in your supply chain is something that you will spend a lot of time on. There are additional concerns when it comes to automation. NewCold has pioneered large, automated temperature-controlled warehouses because of the gains in efficiency, cost, and sustainability.


When reimagining the supply chain, organizations often decide to standardize processes to work more efficiently. And often that standardization requires a change management process. Having the right partner in place can also help to navigate the change management necessary when deploying automation. And that cohesive approach prevents ‘islands of automation’ that do not sync with the rest of your supply chain.



Prepare for success


Seamless system integration plus the preparation to understand and optimize work processes avoids a siloed approach to automation. But that’s just the start.


At the end of the day, what’s going to ensure a company’s success is its commitment to the people inside the warehouse — and your appetite for change.


As a pioneer in advanced food logistics solutions, NewCold has partnered with major global food producers to optimize their supply chain with our automated solutions.


We develop and operate state-of-the-art temperature-controlled facilities in 15 locations on three continents. Our world-class proprietary software systems, energy efficiency, and productivity stand above conventional solutions. This vertical integration allows us to be agile in responding to customer demands. With extensive in-house expertise in executing the entire project lifecycle, we are redefining the design, development, and operation of automated temperature-controlled warehouses.

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