NewCold is a market leader in sustainable warehouse design

We build and operate highly energy-efficient warehouses, achieved through high stock density and leveraging our significant automation experience.


At NewCold, we strive for continuous innovation and utilize the latest technological advances. Our vertical high-bay warehouse designs are served by automation systems that create unparalleled storage density. NewCold warehouses use significantly reduced amount of energy compared to the traditional cold storage facilities of equivalent size.

NewCold’s modern warehouse design and high storage density provide immediate advantages over conventional warehouse facilities

The NewCold management team is developing warehouse designs and complimentary energy strategies that extend our industry advantage in low carbon emissions. Alternative energy sources being developed include solar, Combined heat and power (CHP), and wind.


Our team is collaborating closely with several European governments, industry, and academic bodies on a range of projects including the UK SHyFT feasibility trials for hydrogen-fueled 44t HGV fuel cell vehicles as part of the UK government (Innovate UK) Zero Emissions Road Freight program.


We are working with project partners Scottish Power, BOC, and St. Andrew’s University to decarbonize heavy goods vehicles and specify the infrastructure required to support a national network of refueling stations. We are also working with Innovate UK and the University of Hull to develop energy management software capability.

NewCold has a program of activities to develop and install a range of technologies at our sites to ensure the most effective use of thermal and electrical energy management

We have invested heavily in developing our own in-house energy and data modeling capability to efficiently manage and control future development programs.

Energy management

Highly specialized software helps us map solar and wind generation output against site demand to optimize equipment profiles and fuel requirements.


Our dedicated sustainability and power management engineers continually scan the horizon to identify, qualify, and adopt the latest energy technology to decarbonize NewCold’s operations and protect against grid failure.

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