Food Safety

Food safety

At NewCold, we work purposefully to contribute to a future in which no resources are wasted—reducing risks in food storage by delivering temperature integrity and the highest quality and hygiene standards.

We recognize the impact of our operations on the lives of local communities, increasing global food security by providing leading food companies with the most innovative cold storage and transportation services in the industry.


Our international network of 15 locations spans three continents, holding close to 1.2 million pallet positions worldwide. Our global advanced logistic services play a critical role in the cold chain of leading food companies. Proprietary technology empowers our people to handle food responsibly while guaranteeing food safety in a sustainable way.

How we reduce risk

Minimizing human intervention in the handling of the goods helps us ensure maximum food safety.


Our high-end technology and skilled operators are the guardians of a healthy and safe environment for cold storage, in full control of all automated processes in the cold store.


If something happens during the product journey in our cold store, our highly trained team can immediately identify the problem and location, identifying the best solution.

Temperature integrity

NewCold sites are operated at optimum temperatures from door-to-door. From the moment a pallet enters the warehouse until it is loaded again to be shipped to a customer, it is in handled at the optimum temperature. No cold chain breaches occur as products are never stored in chilled or ambient environments.


Facility time on the dock is never a concern for your product because we have frozen docks at all our facilities. In this way we eliminate any concern regarding product temperature fluctuations during the inbound or outbound processes.

Oxygen Reduction System

NewCold has advanced systems in place to prevent fire damage at all our facilities. Our highly automated cold stores are unmanned and equipped with oxygen reduction systems.


This preventive technology reduces oxygen levels in the room to a level where no fire can start. From a product safety point this, principle is far more favorable than firefighting systems such as sprinklers or fire compartments.

Exclusive Software

NewCold’s proprietary warehouse management system makes it possible to comprehensively track and trace inventories by directing all flows — automated and manually —in the warehouse with optimal speed, efficiency, and reliability.


Our system provides customers with a significant reduction in ‘shrinkage’ from lost and/or outdated product.


The software guides stock receipt and storage, optimizes order picking and shipping and advises on stock replenishment.

Reduced Human Intervention

Repetitive processes are automated to minimize human intervention. This eliminates an important source of product damage, and results in a more reliable and predictable operation.


Freezing conditions aren’t the best environment to work in, which is why we prefer automated processes wherever possible.

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