Responsible Business

Zero Hunger

NewCold recognizes its responsibility for providing high quality food storage service that eliminates any risk of spoiled products delivered to end consumers.

Temperature integrity

Zero food waste can be achieved by state-of-the-art storage technology. NewCold sites operate at the required temperatures from door to door. Temperature integrity guarantees product preservation.

Oxygen Reduction Systems

All NewCold facilities have modern systems in place to prevent damage caused by fire. The highly automated cold stores are unmanned and therefore, can be equipped with oxygen reduction systems.

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Reduced Inequalities

Inequality is one of the factors that threaten economic growth and community development.


Thousands of people do not have equal access to education, jobs, food, or proper living conditions. NewCold strives to address these issues by providing equal employment opportunities. We are proud to be able to connect young graduates with their first work placement.


NewCold engages in different philanthropic activities helping those who are in need. We have been donating to Oxfam, The École Unautremonde, and other smaller non-profits.

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Responsible Consumption and Production

NewCold has a strong commitment to not only eliminate any waste in its operations but also prevent the occurrence of physical waste that harm the environment. Our storage and transportation technologies have already contributed to low stock loss rate resulting in a minimum of damaged pallets being thrown away.


Our team in Kutno, Poland has introduced a plastic and carton utilization practice. Currently, the Kutno facility has two balers that press plastic and carton trash into a pallet size for further transportation. All the compressed garbage is being sold to waste recycling companies, which results in less unutilized rubbish for the environment.

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