Smart logistics

Good Health and Wellbeing

NewCold understands the importance of air quality for the health and well-being of people. We aim to eliminate unnecessary air pollution created with our transportation services. Using data and insights, we can identify and eliminate wasteful activities in our delivery process, optimize transportation costs and make logistics service more environmentally friendly.


To ensure the secure delivery of our customers food products, NewCold tracks the temperature inside the trailers and their lifetime geopositioned via a telematics portal.

Each of our trailers is connected to a telematics portal, which delivers real-time data and enables us to compare actual trailers’ locations with their planned schedules, monitor loading and unloading time, and determine if a trailer is driven loaded or empty.

Learn from data

Based on data from the telematics portal, we can identify and eliminate potential wasteful activities in our delivery process, optimize transportation costs and make our logistics service more environmentally friendly.

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Climate Action

With a fleet of approximately 200 trucks and 300 trailers in Europe only and the extension plans for the USA and Australia, we recognize our environmental impact. To manage this, we use the most fuel-efficient trucks that comply with Euro VI emission standards. This results in lower fuel expenses and less CO2 emissions for the same traveling distance.

Monitoring our transport

All our trucks are equipped with the Transics Board computer system that allows us to communicate with drivers and collect data such as fuel usage, speed, emergency breaks and idling. This enables us to monitor driver behavior and prevent aggressive driving that might cause additional environmental harm and decrease the efficiency of our transportation.

Electric trailers

We have commissioned several 100% electric THT New Cool refrigerated trailers. Electrification results in reduction of diesel usage by 30 liters compared to a conventional refrigerated trailer. This way, we save the planet from 100 kg (about 220.46 lb) of CO2 emissions every day!

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Partnerships for the Goals

NewCold believes that sustainable development through smart logistics is only possible when collaborating with other businesses.

Collaboration and consolidation

We collaborate with our key partners to deliver the most efficient logistics solutions by increasing the drop size, consolidating the destinations of NewCold’s customers, and addressing individual customer needs.

Advice on carriers

Every month our company identifies the top 10 suppliers whose trucks systematically arrive on time or are late. This enables us to engage in partnerships solely with the most reliable logistics companies and advise our customers on their choice of a carrier.

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