Sustainable warehouses

NewCold reduces its environmental impact by providing eco-friendly sustainable warehouses that require low energy and reduced physical labor.

This allows us to create new jobs for highly skilled employees and promote technological advancements within our industry. Our food storage technology contributes to the achievement of the following Sustainable Development Goals.

Affordable & Clean Energy

Our storage technology is based on high stock density. Compared to traditional warehouses, the footprint and the total surface area used are much smaller for the same number of storage positions.

Dark warehouse

All the stacker cranes in the cold store operate in the dark to save energy. In addition, NewCold’s storage facilities use LED lighting.

Responsible energy usage

The material handling systems only operate when necessary to ensure minimal door openings for pallets entering and leaving the cold storage.

Full automation reduces power consumption, which leads to responsible energy usage.

On average, NewCold operations require significantly reduced energy use compared to conventional temperature-controlled storage facilities of equivalent size.

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Decent work & economic growth

Automation is a key element driving the sustainability and energy efficiency of NewCold’s warehouses.


Our storage facilities take profit of an automated Warehouse Management System (WMS) developed by NewCold’s subsidiary – Davanti Warehousing. 

The WMS controls all automated movements of products by the material handling equipment, resulting in less physical labor for our warehousing services.

Highly skilled labor employment

In addition to using software to reduce physical labor in the cold, NewCold creates opportunities for intellectual labor, by creating new jobs for IT, engineers, and other highly skilled professionals. This enables our company to remain innovative and contribute to global technological progress.

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Industry, innovation & infrastructure

Our sustained economic growth is based on higher levels of productivity and technological innovation, which is possible to achieve via fully automated operations.

Fully automated operations

From the beginning, NewCold has aimed to achieve maximum vertical integration, investing extensively in the development of innovations.

At every stage of our process, we look for the best use of technology solutions.

Customer Service Portal

Our customer service portal (CSP) helps consolidate all the information we compile for our customers and enables savings on warehousing and transportation costs.

The CSP provides customers with full real-time visibility, including track and trace capability over several chains, a 24/7 self-service portal, interaction, and collaboration with supply chain partners.

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NewCold offers exciting and fulfilling career opportunities around the world.