Insight into the future of advanced food logistics

‘’When you look at the gains in efficiency, cost sustainability, and resilience – you have a compelling argument for automation.‘’

NewCold UK Managing Director and Commercial Lead Richard Russell recently shared his insight into the future of advanced food logistics – mega sheds, in the latest edition of Cold Chain News. In particular, the large, highly automated cold storage facilities that NewCold builds and operates.

‘’In addition, automation addresses key challenges such as the scarcity of labor and land, while improving sustainability. Our high-bay facilities offer large pallet capacity while optimizing the use of space, reducing footprint, and using significantly less energy than traditional warehouses.

Being able to create transport centers of gravity around our large warehouses means we can consolidate multiple customers in storage and distribution. This allows us to offer a more efficient service to our customers, benefitting their customers in turn,” said Russell.

Moreover, automated warehouses use significantly less energy than traditional warehouses because there are fewer product movements, and the use of space is optimized.

Read more of Russell’s insights in the Cold Chain News' July edition (p.39).

"Automation and robotics, powered by smart algorithms, move pallets in the most efficient way".

Richard RussellNewCold UK Managing Director and Commerical Lead

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